Page 858   697 P.2d 858    237 Kan. 47    STATE of Kansas, ex rel., Harvey L. LUDWICK, Secretary of Human Resources, Appellant, v. Virginia Anne BRYANT, Appellee.    No. 56608.    Supreme Court of Kansas.    April 5, 1985.  Page 859   Syllabus by the Court  1. It is a longstanding rule of […]

We began by asking whether the parties have made a promise. Did West give Bailey sufficient reason to believe that he wished to board Bascom’s Folly at Bailey’s farm? Was Lucy justified in taking seriously Zehmer’s decision to sign the contract for the sale of the Ferguson Farm? Our two most recent principal cases explored […]

This lesson assumes you are familiar with the requirement of consideration. Specifically, it assumes familiarity with the rule that ordinarily, a promise is legally binding only if that promise is supported by consideration. The topic of this lesson is one of the exceptions to this general rule. Historically, one situation where consideration was not required […]