Page 741   229 A.2d 741    425 Pa. 430    Mahlon BOLLINGER and Vinetta C. Bollinger v. CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA QUARRY STRIPPING AND CONSTRUCTION CO., Appellant.    Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.    May 24, 1967.  Edward C. First, Jr., Harrisburg, John E. Cotsack, Hazleton, Elaine M. Kalenevitch, Harrisburg, McNees, Wallace & Nurick, Harrisburg, for appellant. […]

This topic is also covered in Prof. Burnham’s CALI lesson The Parol Evidence Rule [audio:] via The Parol Evidence Rule PodCast | Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.

A hundred years ago, a law professor said of the parol evidence rule, “There are few things darker than this or fuller of subtle difficulties.” Many law students who have studied the rule would agree with that assessment. Hopefully this exercise will illuminate the rule. It does so by examining the functions served by the […]