Prof. Burnham, author of many CALI lessons and podcasts, discusses choice of law in contract cases. Choice of law occurs when there is an issue of which jurisdiction’s law the courts will apply to a substantive issue. Choice of law is not a question of where a case will be heard, but instead what law […]

This topic is also covered in Prof. Burnham’s CALI lesson The Parol Evidence Rule [audio:] via The Parol Evidence Rule PodCast | Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.

Professor Scott Burnham discusses unconscionability, the Williams v. Walker-Thomas case, and reasonable expectations. This podcast is a perfect supplement to Professor Burnham’s Unjust Terms (Unconscionability) CALI tutorial. [audio:] via Contracts: Unconscionability and Reasonable Expectations Podcast | Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.

In this podcast, Prof. Martin provides advice to students studying acceptance, the mirror image rule and the problem of the Battle of the Forms. Prof. Martin’s podcast expands on her coverage of this topic in her CALI lesson Battle of the Forms (UCC 2-207). [audio:] via Battle of the Forms (UCC 2-207) PodCast | Center for […]