ALLHUSEN v. CARISTO CONSTR. CORP.303 N.Y. 446 (1952) Herman Allhusen, Appellant,  v.  Caristo Construction Corp., Respondent. Court of Appeals of the State of New York.Argued November 26, 1951. Decided January 24, 1952   Bruce A. Hecker, John F. Dooling, Jr., and James A. Thomas, Jr., for appellant. George B. Balamut for Manufacturers Trust Company, amicus curiæ, in support of […]

This lesson covers assignment of contract rights and delegation of contract duties. You can run it either as an introduction to the topic or as a review after you have studied it. via Assignment and Delegation | Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.

The goal of this lesson is to take the user systematically through UCC Article 2. The lesson accomplishes this goal by having the user study a contract for the sale of goods. The concepts of Article 2 are thereby seen in the practical setting in which they are applied. Conversely, study of the contract reveals […]